Hotel channel manager integration

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Property Management System (PMS)
Bedscontrol.Com provides a fully integrated cloud-based Property Management System for hotels that integrates seamlessly with the Revenue Management, Channel Manager, Reviews Manager, Booking Engine, and Reporting System to provide an All-In-One Integrated solution.

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Hotel channel manager integration
Cloud PMS
Hotel channel manager integration
Cloud Channel Manager
Hotel channel manager integration
POS & Hotels Booking Engine
Hotel channel manager integration
RMS Software
Online Travel Manager
Hotels Booking Engine
 Stores  Management
Revenue Management

Our Team

A Group of young business start-ups with over 15 years of experience in PMS technology, Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the global leader in providing cloud-based property management systems for the hospitality industry. We help 1000+ properties across the world gain access to the latest technology in automated day-to-day operations, increased direct bookings, and integrated smart payments - all in one centralized location from anywhere.Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the all-in-one property management software that is everything you will ever need to run successful hospitality and hotel PMS and Hotel Management Software for small hotels.

Hotel channel manager integration


1,990 ฿

Cloud PMS

Free 2 Months*


Silver - A
2,699 ฿

 PMS + Booking Engine 

Free 2 Months*


3,490 ฿

PMS + Channel Manager

Free 4 Months*


CEO Options
4,590 ฿


Free 4 Months*


Bedscontrol.Com Hotels Property Management Software

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