Hotel Cloud Property Management System (PMS)


Hotel channel manager integration

 What is a Hotel Property Management System (PMS)? Traditionally, a hotel PMS was defined as software that enabled a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/checkout, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing.

Bedscontrol.Com is property management system (PMS) or sometimes called Front office management system is a hotel management software suite that property owners and front desk staff use to manage their business / tasks by coordinating reservations, online booking availability, payments and reporting in one central place. Whether your tasks for the reservation are to check availability of the rooms, prices for different markets (agents or walk-ins), or front office tasks that involve check-in / check-out, calculating and providing bill summary incl. managing your withholding tax, with our powerful yet flexible features and functions, you as the property’s owner or a Front desk manager can always check and search for reports via our secured log-in system on cloud where you could see and manage the tasks real-time anytime anywhere in the world with internet connectivity.

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