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Hotel channel manager integration

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"Boost your brand's reputation with our cutting-edge Review Management Software. Seamlessly manage and monitor online reviews across multiple platforms to enhance customer satisfaction and drive growth. Our software features automated review requests, real-time alerts, and sentiment analysis to keep you informed and responsive. Easily aggregate reviews and generate insightful analytics to understand customer feedback and improve your services. Enjoy multi-platform support and customizable review widgets to showcase positive feedback on your website. Our review management solution helps you track and analyze reviews, providing valuable insights into your brand's reputation. With user-friendly dashboards and comprehensive reports, you can efficiently manage feedback and enhance your customer experience. Stay ahead in the competitive market with our all-in-one review management software designed to optimize your online presence and foster customer loyalty. Experience the ultimate tool for reputation management and watch your business thrive."

Ability to measure your hotel reputation and reviews across all online channels, provide real-time notifications and analytics for performance measurement.

Manage all hotels in your chain / group using common login, analytics, and centralised reservations . Get individual or consolidated reports. Make sub-groups, add users to group or sub-groups.

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