Hotel channel manager integration

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Hotel Cloud PMS Systems

Cloud Property Management System (PMS)
Discover the future of hotel management with our Hotel Cloud PMS (Property Management Software) systems. Designed to streamline and optimize your operations, our cloud-based hotel management software offers unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Manage reservations, front desk operations, and housekeeping seamlessly with our advanced property management system.
Our Hotel Cloud PMS ensures real-time updates and data synchronization, providing you with accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips. Enhance guest experiences with our intuitive hotel software, which offers personalized communication and efficient service delivery. With our cloud property management system, access your hotel data securely from anywhere, at any time.Maximize your revenue with our dynamic rate management tools, designed to optimize pricing strategies and boost profitability.

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Hotel channel manager integration
Hotel Cloud PMS
Hotel channel manager integration
Cloud Channel Manager
Hotel channel manager integration
POS & Hotel Booking Engine
Hotel channel manager integration
Hotel RMS Software
Online Travel Manager
Hotel Booking Engine
 Stores  Management
Hotel Revenue Management

Our Team

A Group of young business start-ups with over 15 years of experience in PMS technology, Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the global leader in providing cloud-based property management systems for the hospitality industry. We help 1000+ properties across the world gain access to the latest technology in automated day-to-day operations, increased direct bookings, and integrated smart payments - all in one centralized location from anywhere.Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the all-in-one property management software that is everything you will ever need to run successful hospitality and hotel PMS and Hotel Management Software for small hotels.

Hotel channel manager integration

Hotel Cloud Management Software Pricing

Bedscontrol.Com is the Hotel Software Provider :

Maximize your revenue with our dynamic rate management tools, designed to optimize pricing strategies and boost profitability. Our integrated channel manager ensures consistent inventory and rate updates across all online travel agencies (OTAs), reducing the risk of overbookings and discrepancies.
Experience the power of next-gen hotel technology with our comprehensive hotel management system. From streamlined front desk operations to automated housekeeping management, our Hotel Cloud PMS is your all-in-one solution for efficient hotel management. Trust our reliable hotel software solutions to transform your property management processes and drive success. Elevate your hotel operations with our cutting-edge cloud PMS and enjoy the benefits of real-time data access, enhanced guest satisfaction, and optimized revenue management. Choose our Hotel Cloud PMS for a smarter, more efficient approach to hotel management.

1,990 ฿

Cloud PMS

Free 2 Months*


Silver - A
2,699 ฿

 PMS + Booking Engine 

Free 2 Months*


3,490 ฿

PMS + Channel Manager

Free 4 Months*


CEO Options
4,590 ฿


Free 4 Months*


Bedscontrol.Com Hotel Property Management Software

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