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Our main focus from day one is the hotel and lodging industry and this has not changed ever since. Below are some of our hotel partners, ranging from independent properties, small boutique hotels, boutique hostels, luxury serviced apartments, corporate hotels as well as local chain hotels.
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Channel manager solutions
Bedscontrol.Com  is a very competitive and highly profitable product. This product has many advantages and superiorities compared to its competitors. That’s why it is very easy to use and makes high profits with minimum effort in a short period of time.
Why is Bedscontrol.Com very Advantageous?

It is a fully-featured PMS including its own booking engine, channel manager, rate manager, ID reader, and restaurant POS in its standard package. It is a perfect choice for any size and type of hotel from small boutique hotels to very large five-star hotels and chains. Our competitors either don’t have all of these modules or they are only suitable for small boutique hotels.
Since it is hosted by Microsoft Azure, it is a very reliable, fast, and cost-effective solution. A hotelier without any investment can start using cutting-edge technology and pay as they go.
We have a very high commission rate for our partners and we provide sales and marketing assistance and extensive support. We don’t require an initial payment or any binding contract from our partners.
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