Comprehensive property management software for hospitality

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For the past 10 years, we have helped hotels and resort businesses create their brand presence and achieve their goals. Our process is designed to empower your brand and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.
A Group of young business start-ups with over 15 years of experience in PMS technology, Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the global leader in providing cloud-based property management systems for the hospitality industry. We help 1000+ properties across the world gain access to the latest technology in automated day-to-day operations, increased direct bookings, and integrated smart payments - all in one centralized location from anywhere. Bedscontrol.Com Cloud is the all-in-one property management software that is everything you will ever need to run successful hospitality and hotel PMS and Hotel Management Software for small hotels. The Bedscontrol system is one of the few hotel software providers with both cloud-based and on-premise solutions that encompasses all the essential features such as an online booking engine, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, billing etc.

Comprehensive property management software for hospitality


Provides a fully integrated seam-less solution that includes all hotel technology products that can help hotels increase revenue and reduce inefficiencies. Hotels PMS and Hotel Management Software for small hotels
Bedscontrol.Com Products: Automated Hotel RevenueManagement Software Bedscontrol.Com's fully-automated revenue management system uses AI to help you set & maintain optimal room rates in order to make strategic pricing decisions that drive maximum profits.
The PMS is a Property Management System to handle the main activities of your property. It is a complete package that will enable you to keep under control every aspect related to bureaucracy, revenue, statistics, customer details, and much more. You can use the SPLIT function to move your reservations for the whole period of stay or a portion of it, among different properties belonging to a multi-property account.

Multi-channel hotel distribution

Analytics & Reporting
An easy-to-use dashboard to access all data and analytics of your bookings, customer behavior, and booking patterns that can help you make smarter decisions. The best decisions are made with the right data. Our reporting and business insights features show you what’s working and what’s not quickly and easily so you can streamline your operations, reduce admin time and drive revenue.
All of your property’s data is centralized in one platform, so you can gain a holistic view of your business performance to streamline budgets and always be in control of your businessBe a part of our fast-growing global ecosystem of 700+ international suppliers, 900+ clients, and 50+ tech partners to access unique data, insights, and a well-established network with travel tech experts, peers, and influencers.

Bedscontrol.Com is Revenue management has never been this easy
Market conditions constantly fluctuate which makes it difficult to maintain competitive rates and achieve your financial goals.
Bedscontrol.Com reveals the insight you need to make better-informed pricing decisions, helping to fill rooms at optimal rates.
Increase productivity, spending less time analyzing data and more time acting on it. Price optimization alerts, when detects your prices may be too high or too low. Understand how other properties are pricing their rooms to identify opportunities to win business. With our Bedscontrol.Com PMS, you will have a section fully dedicated to the Reports of any accounting operations you can carry out from Bedscontrol.Com, such as invoicing, scheduled takings, and city tax. Make the most of the Stats we provide you through our system and start building up your own strategy!  Revenue management is a key concept within the hospitality industry because hotels must contend with fixed costs, a perishable inventory, and varying levels of demand. 

Multi-channel hotel distribution
Multi-channel hotel distribution
System Integrations
Bedscontrol.Com  is proud to offer seamless hotel system integrations that connect our platform to many of the most popular and beneficial tools out there today. We have you covered with everything from point-of-sale systems to digital marketing, online travel agencies (OTAs), and more. Our hotel integrations give you the functionality and convenience you need to attract more of your ideal guests while running your business more efficiently behind the scenes. Partnering with providers of leading hospitality software means you can get the most out of our reservation system while saving time and increasing revenue! Learn how our partners can enhance your business.* Thanks to the link between the PMS and the WebConcierge, you can let your customers enter their invoice data in advance from their dedicated platform so that you can save time when issuing the fiscal document at the end of their stay. The Bedscontrol.Com provided Hybrid PlatformFlow data between cloud apps and on-premise systems to gain a 360° view of your business.
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