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Mobile POS Hotel System for seamless transactions
An all-in-one platform for quick order, payment, and on-time delivery of services. Turn your guests’ smartphones into a portable point of sale and let them make payments on the go.Eliminate cash and POS gadgetsSecurely process all payments in the cloudAccelerate the sales of services

Point of Sale
Ideal for accommodations that offer gastronomic services. Mini Hotel POS was designed to organize your Kiosk, Bar or Restaurant restaurant. Now, you can keep control of the stock  and the products.

Unlimited and easy to use item menu.
Inventory management
Auto Sale of combined products (Example: Hamburger + Extras)
Restaurant/Tables Mode
Sale of products to non-hosted people
Print orders to kitchen / bar / other locations
You may use A4 or 80 mm (POS/Bar) Printer
Room charges with statement printing
Electronic command for the different areas
Account or billing division
Auto Tip Calculator
Reduction (Percent/Nominal)
Account/Billing split
You may use POS on multiple locations


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