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Bedscontrol.Com  provides a fully integrated Channel Manager & Online Distribution System that integrates seamlessly with Property Management System, Dynamic Pricing, Channel Manager, Reviews Manager, Booking Engine, and Reporting System to provide an All-In-One Integrated solution.

In this digital era, a website is often your hotels first touch point with your guests. Professional hotel web design is about creating positive digital experience that guests will love, but if well executed, it should also have a positive impact on website conversion and therefore your hotels bottom line.

Web design covers everything to do with the ‘look and feel’ and usability of a website, including the colours, layouts, information flows and the overall user experience. If you can develop an intelligently crafted site design which resonates and engages with your audience, you will have a sustainable marketing platform which can build brand awareness and increase conversions and ultimately revenue.

Web design requires consideration of page layout, site architecture, navigation, usability, 'stickiness', SEO content creation, user experience design and much more. However, by far the most important aspect of SEO Web Design, to the website owner, is website ROI (Return on Investment) and conversion statistics and sadly, this is often overlooked by designers and owners alike.

At the Percentage Company, we take a data-driven approach to hotel web design, integrating a creative design process with the latest web coding languages and technologies to create transformative performance-based designs. Our developers are highly experienced with the latest web standards, including HTML5 and CSS3 with a strong focus on delivering mobile-first and SEO-friendly sites which achieve business goals.

The Percentage Company have successfully integrated the creative design process with a data-led approach to ensure that your website resonates with your audience and that your visitors engage with your brand online. With Engagement comes trust and then comes conversion and profitability.

Performance is always at the heart of what we do, but we also want to craft intelligent digital experiences and create rich responsive websites which make the user experience memorable. Your site should look as good on a mobile screen as it does on a desktop screen.

Brief – Clarify the scope of work & gather project requirements.
Plan – Allocate technical resources and make project preparations.
Design – Team create the ‘look and feel’, user experience & visual assets.
Development – Our coding experts convert designs into a site.
Testing – All aspects of the site are tested and debugged.
Launch – Preparations are made to launch the site.

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