Cloud Channel Manager

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Cloud Channel Manager

Why Our Channel Manager Is Better Than Other Systems?
Seamless integration with real-time Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Management system

  • Easy to setup and onboard new OTA connections
  • Uses latest API for most OTA connections
  • All in One System available under one login - seamless transition from one product to another
  • Integration with PMS:Bookings from all OTAs are auto-filled in PMS
  • No Shows & Cancellations are automatically synced from PMS and Channel Manager
  • Integration with Dynamic Pricing System:Dynamic Pricing integrated into Channel Manager
  • All Pricing breakups including commission, amounts to be paid calculated
  • All In One System:Reviews & Reputation Manager integrated
  • Booking Engine & Website integrated
  • Analytics & reporting integrated
  • Accounting Integration:Information like GST / VAT details auto- filled from OTAs to PMS
Wouldn’t it be great if you could seamlessly manage the availability, pricing, and distribution of your property to millions of local and international travellers?

Forget manual updates, our channel manager means you can control all your online travel agents (OTAs) in a single platform and calendar with just one log-in."Bedscontrol.Com" seamlessly connects your availability and pricing to leading booking platforms like Airbnb, and Expedia.

Properties using Little Hotelier’s channel manager experience up to 49% more bookings.


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