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Channel Manager+ PMS
Bedscontrol.Com provides a fully integrated Channel Manager & Online Distribution System that integrates seamlessly with Property Management System, Dynamic Pricing, Channel Manager, Reviews Manager, Booking Engine, and Reporting System to provide an All-In-One Integrated solution.

Integrate and automate all your systems with reliable two-way interfaces. Enter your rates and availabilities in our system or have your PMS send them to us. This data is then forwarded to all your connected booking portals. When a reservation is made, we import the reservation and automatically change the inventory on all platforms. The reservation is then sent to you and synchronised with your Property Management System.

The Bedscontrol.Comระ Channel Manager integrates and automates your online distribution. Your availabilities, prices and booking rules are synchronised on all booking channels.  Reservations, modifications and cancellations are automatically retrieved, and your inventory is adjusted. 

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